To ensure that every child gets the opportunity of the specific training required to put him/her in a position where every challenge will be to them as a simple task with a solution in writing a few lines of codes. We care about providing high-quality coding instruction at almost no cost.

About The STECOL Project

The STECOL Project is one of the many initiatives of IGHREENA TECHNOLOGIES, an Information Technologies firm in Lagos. We desire a society where our kids measure up technologically with their counterparts from the developed world. With the School Technology Collaboration (STECOL) Project, we work hand-in-hand with schools to train learners the language of technology and prepare them to survive the challenges of a developed society.


The main goal of the STECOL Project is to develop the children’s cognitive processes, comprising their spatial and logical thinking through ICT, which has proven to teach the children to understand the place of ICT in every society, and develop in them, key ICT skills, keep their early years of ICT secured and recognize the role of ICT in the child’s future. There is more to how the society works now, than how it originally word. Be part of the vision.

The STECOL Team Our Success so far is Teamwork

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Our invaluable Partners

The STECOL project believes that every child should have the chance to learn to code and explore technology. We collaborate with schools to see that this is made possible by joint effort. We really appreciate that you are giving us the opportunity to work with you to achieve this goal.